Finding Answers For Logical Strategies In New Zealand Grass Fed Whey Protein Canada

Ashley on 04/02/2015 Great taste, mixes well and speedy delivery. Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin. Mixes great, will buy again and again. If you plan on turning the protein into a smoothie; you will find that the protein will froth in a blender. I was pleasantly surprised with the price of the powder I purchased the 5 lb. bag of chocolate whey, the quick shipping and the taste. I'm sure she would order it again as well! Daniel on 02/05/2013 This is one of the best proteins that I have tasted. Super price can't beat that and also it's from Canada!!!! No gimiks here just good product. Thank you BP.Dom.

The first time you open a tub of Q5 Pure New Zealand Whey Protein you’ll immediately notice the difference in smell, colon, and texture. The only problems for me are that I find it hard to zip the bag closed and the chocolate milk flavour tastes almost exactly like the MusclePharm chocolate milk flavour which some love, but I personally find abhorrent. The natural unflavoured powder has a light milk sweetness. I will continue purchasing this product on the regular. I was slightly upset that the protein came in one big bag of 25 lbs instead of 5 separate regular 5 lb bags. Will order again! Excellent product TRIFON on 14/01/2013 It is potent, it is tasty, it is the best I've had ever. Thank you Elena F. on 25/08/2016 I accidentally ordered this product instead of the isolate..... not a fan. Kenneth S. on 12/08/2016 As always BP came through. Cappuccino isn't my favourite flavour though.

Because of that statement that its the best stevia product out there this product has made the natural section in our Best Protein Powder buyers guide! Flavors Available Transparent Labs keeps things simple with their flavor selections, just offering Chocolate and Vanilla. While this may seem like a drawback for the adventurous flavor crowd, these two flavors remain the most popular for a reason. They taste great and incredibly versatile in all kinds of shakes and baked goodies. DISCLAIMER: In the name of transparency, PricePlow receives sales commissions from Transparent Labs. However, we negotiated our commission DOWN so that its the same commission we get from other stores, and put that extra percentage into a bigger coupon! This is why we have the best Transparent Labs coupons on the entire web!!! Specialty flavors can be good every once in awhile, but drinking those exotic combinations day after day sometimes becomes more of a chore than a treat. Transparent Labs may add more flavors over time remember that this is a young company, and its nearly impossibly difficult to sweeten protein powder with stevia!

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